Ezeedrone Reeds (Alt R1)

Adjusting Ezeedrone Reeds

The first set of plastic drone reeds which I bought

In recent years, I have used only Ezeedrone reeds so I cannot talkĀ  about other maker's reeds.

There are two adjustments which affect the striking-in characteristics and pitch of the drone.


Box, drones, and allen keyMoving the rubber bridle - a fraction - makes a huge difference to the volume of air which the reed takes and the way it strikes in.

Making the tongue shorter increases the pitch of the drone - see below.

Moving the tuning screw also changes the pitch - see below.

Eventually, the bridle becomes "tired" but the good news is that it can be replaced by the manufacturer - Pipe Dream Reeds in Glasgow - for a modest fee as part of a refurbishing service.