More LPs and then CDs

In the following year, 1964, I bought my second piping LP of the Scots Guards which revealed the difference in style, especially in the drum corps between amateur and army pipe bands. Over the next few years, I purchased a few other discs which I also played incessantly, including a slightly earlier recording - a 10" LP of Muirhead and Sons, recorded just after becoming World Champions for the second successive year in 1956 (the first time that any band had achieved this feat).  

In subsequent years, I bought several other LPs, mostly featuring pipe bands but also a few solo pipers (some playing other types of bagpipe).  At the time, I was less interested in solo piping recordings.

For me (a late adopter) the CD revolution arrived around 1987 but it was not until August, 1993, that I bought my first bagpipe CD - by the band Polkemmet Grorud.  I had previously bought the band's innovative 1986 LP (featuring some Breton music, not to mention some accompaniment from the bouzouki, accordion and keyboard!  The LP did not contain a single MSR (march, strathspey and reel set).


Years later, I discovered BBC's Pipeline program that was broadcast every week from Radio 4 in Scotland and for several years, I dutifully recorded and then even more dutifully catalogued the transmissions.  These were mostly solo pipers and almost exclusively featured the Great Highland Bagpipe. What a great service to the piping fraternity (if not the commercial recording industry).