Regimental Tunes

I have never played in any kind of military setting so have not learned many of the regimental tunes that you will find in the first section of collections such as that of the Seaforth Highlanders or the Scots Guards.

But to my surprise, quite a few of the tunes in my repertoire are to be found in the Regimental Tunes section of the Seaforth Highlanders Collection (the first substantial collection of music that I purchased).  I also learned many other tunes from this book and these are listed in the tunes section of this website. 

Seaforth Highlanders  (Standard settings of)
Originally published in 1936
Purchased around 1963 for 7s/6d

Regimental Tunes

Tune Type


My Use
Cabar Feidh Strathspey Dress for Parade One of my reels
Sleep, Dearie, Sleep Slow Air Lights Out Funerals
Flowers of the Forest Slow March Funeral March Funerals
Brose and Butter 9/8 Jig 2nd Meal Pipes Call to dinner
Highland Laddie 2/4 March Staff Parade One of my marches
Pibroch o' Donal Dhu 6/8 March March Past One of my marches