Janette Montague is, unlike me, a professionally trained musician but I met her purely through the bagpipes when we both attended the National Piping Centre's Summer School in Glasgow in July 2006.  She was obviously well plugged-in to the Piping Centre and seemed to know everyone.

I soon learned about her musical talent when she prepared beautiful harmonies for some of the tunes we played in class.

But it was only several years later that I discovered the full range of her ability as a bagpipe composer, when she not only composed but produced videos of ground-breaking pibrochs with the involvement of some top pipers.  They are well worth listening to.

[list to follow]

She has also undertaken other projects related to the history of bagpiping.  [to follow]

More recently, Janette composed a beautiful strathspey, called Arran of Bressay, which I played at my gate on one of  the "Clap for carers" evenings during the Covid-19 crisis.